Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello again

This summer has been an interesting one.  It is SO hot in Florida that there isn't a lot to do outside, so we've been forced to be creative.  Some activities that we came up with were....

*Made slime
*Made edible playdough
*Swam....lots of it

*Played dress up with our dog, Cooper
*Played Pokemon
*Earned money for chores
*Made homemade ice cream (for a Pioneer day FHE)
*Took a trip to Cincinnati to visit family
*Husband went on a fishing trip to Alaska with the brother-in-laws and my Dad
*Spencer and I both broke a toe
*Jake got his tooth knocked out
*And lots of imaginitive play

We've tried to stay pretty busy, but the kids still feel "cooped up" in our little house and ask everyday "what do we do now?"

We still have a couple more weeks until school starts.  What kind of things have you done this summer?

Spencer's Baptism, 10/9/10

Spencer's Baptism was wonderful. It was just what I thought it would be like. My wonderful family drove all the way from Cincinnati, except for my sister Alissa and her family, whom we missed SO much! It always feels so incomplete without everyone there.

We had a BLAST!! Here are some of the things we did together......

All the boys ready to swim in Nana and Popi's hotel pool!!

Having a picnic at the park...

Played with one of my cutie patootie pie nephews. Oh, I just couldn't get enough of his blue eyes and yummy cheeks!
Lauryn couldn't get enough of "Baby Evan" either!
Attempting a pyramid....
Cousins enjoying time together....

Dan with the Bishop and 1st Counselor at the baptism
Me and my beautiful Mom....
Spencer and his cousin, James.
My sister Heather and her baby Evan

Family photo
Spencer with Daddy
Here's my sweet boy straight out of the waters of baptism, pure and clean......

I love this...nothing makes me more happy!
At the reception afterwards.  Sorry, Dan, I just couldn't resist :-)

It warms my heart so much that he decided on his own to be baptized.  That is what I want for all my children.  That they have their own desire within them to do what is right, follow the commandments, and keep a close relationship with our Heavenly Father.  We have the gift of free agency and as my children get older, it's becoming a reality to me that they have to start making decisions on their own and be accountable for them.  I just hope and pray they are good ones!