Saturday, April 10, 2010

He said THE FUNNIEST thing!!!

So it was bedtime. Dan was getting Lauryn ready for bed and I had just put Jacob in his bed with a book and walked into the bathroom to help Spencer get out of the shower.

Me: Ok, Spencer, it's time to get out.

Spencer: Do you have "Super-Vision"?

Me: What?

S: You know, you can see through stuff like this.....(makes superhero noises and gestures with his hands and eyes, like x-ray vision)

Me: Do you mean that I could see you through the door and knew when you were getting out and I came in right at the same time? Well, yes, I guess I do! ;)

S: (he picks up the shampoo bottle and reads) like........."Use under 'adult supervision'"

Me: LOL!!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!!! Spencer, you are so funny! Do you know what adult supervision is?

S: No......

Me: It's when an adult watches over you or babysits you.

S: Oh!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a great Easter! Mom made Lauryn's dress.......isn't it GORGEOUS??!!! And I made the boys' ties out of the extra fabric Mom sent to me. I thought the kids looked pretty darn cute!! Thanks, Mom!!

The Easter bunny showed up and brought the kids lots of yummy candy and a fun toy. Then we got dressed up and went hunting for Easter eggs. The kids had A LOT of fun, especially Lauryn. She was so proud of each and every egg she found. Then my favorite part was having the opportunity to watch General Conference on TV in the comfort of my own home!!!!! We got Direct TV last week and my life has definitely changed! I loved every part of GC. It was very uplifting and inspiring. It was just what I needed.