Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello again

This summer has been an interesting one.  It is SO hot in Florida that there isn't a lot to do outside, so we've been forced to be creative.  Some activities that we came up with were....

*Made slime
*Made edible playdough
*Swam....lots of it

*Played dress up with our dog, Cooper
*Played Pokemon
*Earned money for chores
*Made homemade ice cream (for a Pioneer day FHE)
*Took a trip to Cincinnati to visit family
*Husband went on a fishing trip to Alaska with the brother-in-laws and my Dad
*Spencer and I both broke a toe
*Jake got his tooth knocked out
*And lots of imaginitive play

We've tried to stay pretty busy, but the kids still feel "cooped up" in our little house and ask everyday "what do we do now?"

We still have a couple more weeks until school starts.  What kind of things have you done this summer?


DeNiel said...

I love the pictures! You are being so creative. Peanut butter play dough ---very cool. Look for a suprise coming in the mail!

Kristy said...

Loved the update, I check in often. I especially enjoy seeing pix of your little ones. I am hoping that tooth Jacob lost was a baby one. :)

Heather said...

oh, I miss you and your cute kiddies. Love seeing pictures and boy, we need to make peanut butter play dough .... good idea!