Sunday, October 18, 2009

Race for the Cure

I found out about a month ago that my Aunt Pam was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was SO sad for her and I felt helpless with the information I was given. I live so far away and sending her my love and prayers did not feel like I was doing enough for her. This month is Breast Cancer awareness and I knew there was something else that I could do. I searched the internet and found out that here in Jacksonville they were doing the Race for the Cure and I thought......YES! That's perfect! I will run in her honor! Now, I don't claim to be a very good runner or fast by any means, but I like to run short distances and it was a 5K.....Perfect, sign me up!

On Saturday, it was the best weather for a run. Fall has officially come to Florida! AWESOME! We've been waiting all year for a relief from the heat. What a perfect day for this! I got my hot pink shirt on, my pink tenni-pumps, and my Breast Cancer bandana. I was ready to go. The kids and Mr. B were excited for me too. They dropped me off at the front with literally thousands of other people all dressed in pink! It was SO amazing! You could feel the energy and excitement from all the people coming together for a cause. We all lined up at the starting line and they played the Melissa Etheridge song, "I Run for Life." If you've never heard it, you need to. INSPIRING!!!

I was SO pumped! The gun went off and we ran. As I was running/jogging I saw some incredible things. I had my shuffle, but I was so entertained by what was going on around me that I think I only listened to 2 or 3 songs the whole time. I saw cheerleaders lining the route all dressed up in pink tutus and hot pink wigs with their posters and pom-poms. The runners all had something pink on and the best part were the pink tags. You could pin a tag on you with the person's name that you were running for on it. It either said, "In Memory of" or "In Celebration of." A lot of the runners had the tags pinned on the backs of their shirts and some even had shirts especially made with the names already on it. Mine said, "In Celebration of Aunt Pam."

I remember I was just running along reading everyone's shirts as they all passed me (because I'm so slow) and I was feeling the spirit of everyone coming together running for someone that they loved. I saw one guy that had a picture of his mother on the back of his shirt, some said, "Save the tatas," one lady had a tag that said, "In Celebration of my Mom, my Grandmother, my Aunt, and my sister." Then I saw him. The one guy that stuck out to me. I only saw him from behind as he passed me. I could tell he was running by himself and I looked on the pink tag he had pinned to the back of his shirt. It said, "In Memory of my wife." That was it. I started tearing up. This was such a monumental experience. I felt closer to my aunt. I felt strong for her. I felt like I was supporting her from afar. Amazing. I loved it. It filled my spirit. I feel for all those who have lost a loved one to this disease. I feel for all those who have suffered or ARE suffering with this disease. I don't know what it's like, but it's gotta be a horrifying experience. But there is A LOT of love and support out there. I was amazed with how many were affected by it just here in Jacksonville. I will DEFINITELY run the Race for the Cure everytime they hold this event.

This was the coolest bra I've ever seen!

I will never forget it. I love you, Aunt Pam.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun at Fort Clinch

Mr. B was home on Saturday and took us to Fort Clinch State Park. It was such a nice getaway after him being gone all week. We had SO much fun together!

A part of the park system since 1935, Fort Clinch is one of the most well-preserved 19th century forts in the country. Although no battles were fought here, it was garrisoned during both the Civil and Spanish-American wars. During the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps began preserving and rebuilding many of the structures of the abandoned fort. Daily tours with period reenactors depicting garrison life bring the fort to life for visitors.

My little social butterfly! She HAS to say "Hi" and "Bye" to everyone. You can't help but smile.
Enjoing rootbeer and peppermint sticks from the little store. I think the sun was a little bright.

We even got to see them shoot a canon!
playing at the beach

after all the fun was over the little ones fell asleep, but the big one......

played in the back with his DS

General Conference

We had a great General Conference weekend. I love hearing the words of the prophets and feeling the Spirit. I love hearing the testimonies and gaining strength to go and do what the Lord wants me to do. Everyday since General Conference, I've asked myself "Have I done any good in the world today?"

We listened the best we could with the little ones. We tried to keep them busy doing quiet things, but you know how long that lasts! They made a tent out of sheets (don't have a picture) and a train out of chairs on Saturday in the family room until it got too loud and then they were sent to their rooms to play. I tried to put Lauryn down for a nap, but she did NOT want to! I knew she just wanted to play with the boys, so I put her in her bed and let her cry for a while. Usually she settles herself right down and falls asleep. She stopped a couple of times, but kept on crying. Then Dan said, "Did you hear that?" I hadn't heard anything, so we just ignored it and about 5 seconds later, we hear Lauryn crying and it sounded closer to her bedroom door and then we heard banging on the door!!! I RAN to her room, opened the door, and she was standing there crying!!! I snatched her up as fast as I could. She had a red nose and forehead, so I assumed she climbed out of her crib and fell on her face! I felt SO bad! I had the "Worst Mother of the Year Award" that day! Needless to say, Mr. D lowered the crib TO THE FLOOR before I put her back in! If you click on the picture below to enlarge, you can see it....

On Sunday, the boys made chairs out of boxes. They thought it was the coolest thing ever! Lauryn's nose looked worse!

Once it scabbed over, she picked at it until it finally came off. I thought there was going to be a scar, but it looks good now. PHEW!!!