Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boys new favorite hiding place

We survived Fay!

So, on Tuesday I heard there was suppose to be a hurricane coming our way and that we should be prepared. I only had a few things accumulated in my food storage, so I went to the store and got a radio, flashlight, extra batteries, and water. Dan was in Memphis and was suppose to be flying in on Wednesday, so I was worried he wouldn't be able to come home. Well, the more I listened to the news, the more things changed. They said it wouldn't be here until Thursday and then they said that it wasn't a hurricane anymore, it was a tropical storm. Dan was able to fly home and be with us and Spencer's school was canceled Wed-Fri. Then when the storm hit on Thursday, there was A LOT of rain and wind and lucky us, our power went out for 26 hours! There is only so much board games and coloring you can do in the hot and humid house until you go CRAZY! I was trying to think of what the pioneers would do in this situation. How was I going to build a fire to cook dinner when it was so wet outside? We had dinner at the mall instead. Here are some photos of our adventures.

The kids trying to stay busy with their paper dinosaurs.

Branches and vines fell in our backyard and our street flooded several times.
This is what Dan looked like after he took the garbage out.

My baby is in Kindergarten!

Well, it's official. My baby, Spencer, is all grown up and going to public school. It wasn't too hard for us because he went to preschool last year, but I still got a little weepy thinking about how quickly my babies grow up. I look at my kids sleeping soundly in their beds after a day of yelling, "STOP IT!" a million times and regretting a lot of things, and I can't believe how big they are. I am constantly asking myself, "Am I doing the right thing?" and a lot of times, I don't know the answer, I just do my best. I think having three kids has been my greatest challenge in life and some days I don't know how I'm going to get through it. Spencer wants to smother his sister with hugs and kisses, Jacob whines all the time and can't get out of the "baby" stage, and Lauryn wants you to hold her and feed her all the time. But at the end of the day, I look at their sweet faces, and my love for them grows even more. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for my sweet children.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

FHE activity

Tonight, Dan gave a great lesson for FHE and we were actually able to get through the whole lesson without yelling at the boys to "sit down and listen!" And suprisingly, Lauryn stayed asleep in her swing! If we make sure we have an activity and treats after the lesson, it's usually a good incentive for them to be good. So after the lesson, Dan planned a very cute activity. We painted our feet and made footprints of everyone in the family. A good keepsake we will have for a long time. Everyone had a lot of fun doing it, except for the baby. She didn't care for the wet paint on her ticklish feet... the boys thought that was pretty funny!

My kids make me laugh!

My boys love to hang out and be goofy. Here are some cute moments:

My little construction worker.

Spencer always makes a funny face when I try to take a picture.

They like me to flip the LCD screen around so they can look at themselves when we take a picture.

Jacob wasn't feeling very good this week and I just had to take a picture of my "sicky."