Friday, January 23, 2009

The reason to smile....

My boys say the sweetest and funniest things....

I picked Spencer up from school and he said, "Mom, I like your new sweater! It looks pretty on you." That made my day!

We sat down for dinner and Jacob said, "When I gwow up, I be a girla."

Mom: "No Jacob, you won't be a girl. You'll be a big strong man like your Daddy."

Jacob: "A boy changes and his skin wips off and he is a girla, a naked girla!"

He DID NOT just say that!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHH!!!

When Dan got home they wrestled and played "boy" stuff.

Our favorite things

Spencer's favorite present was his Tribot. Thanks Burnetts!

Jacob's favorite present was his Bumblebee transformer. Thanks Santa!

Lauryn's favorite present was her baby doll. Thanks Burnetts!

My favorite present was a visit with my sweet friend, Stacie Pabst, who I sang with at Ricks College about 8 years ago! I found her on facebook and found out that she lived in AR and I just HAD to see her and her BEAUTIFUL family. She is such a good Mom to 4 sweet little boys and an amazing Primary President. Our husbands really hit it off too! Someday we will live closer. I love you, Stac!

Her little baby, Sawyer, and my little Lauryn. Maybe they'll get married someday.

Dan's favorite present was a visit with his wonderful family. Thanks everybody, we had a great time! Thanks Sherry for letting us stay in your home and make a mess of it. We love you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fun at Grandma's house

Dan hangin' with his bros.

My sister came over with her kids on Christmas Eve.

Santa came with presents for all the cousins. I can still hear the excited squeals!

This was the first time Grandma (Dan's Mom) got to see Lauryn.
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Grandma lives in the boonies and we didn't think we could actually touch the wildlife, let alone ride it!

These are the best pictures we were able to get.....of course with a little bribe of M&M's!

Trip to Arkansas for Christmas

Here are some photos of our adventures in the car:

Sleepy Lauryn.....Hooray!!
Thank heavens for DVD players!
Sleepy Dan
Lauryn is driving? What? Don't worry......we were parked.
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Stay tuned for more...........

My baby girl's photo shoot

You can view the most ADORABLE photos of our little Lauryn here. They were done by my FABULOUS brother-in-law. Thanks Michael, we love them!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories

It seems like FOREVER that I've posted a blog. I am SO SORRY if you keep looking on here and seeing the SAME blog everytime. I know how ANNOYING that can be!

I'll tell you all about our wonderful holiday adventures..........

For Thanksgiving we drove to Cincinnati to see my family. The car ride was GREAT going up there because we left after dinner and drove all night while the kids slept. Or should I say DAN drove all night. I think I drove about 2 1/2 hours during the 13 hour trek. I just COULD NOT stay awake! Dan, I know, I'm a wimp and yes, you are the driving KING! Anyway, we got there safe and sound, but NEVER recovered from that night of driving. With my family, we just play and play and play. Like my Dad has always said, "A family that plays together, stays together!" I love you, Dad! We had the BEST time! We stayed at my sister, Heather's, house I just LOVED getting to know my sweet little nephew. He is SO cute! We messed her house up, ate her food, and did a TON of laundry. Thanks, Heathie...I love you!

During our fantastic week, Heather and I were able to do what we have always wanted to do together.....record a CD! It was such an amazing, spiritual experience. I just love working with Heather. We are like two peas in a pod. I am so proud of what we accomplished, especially Heather. She wrote the most beautiful, true, heartfelt song I've ever heard. Yes, she actually WROTE AND lyrics. The first time I heard it, I felt the Spirit and I knew she was inspired. Heather also arranged some of the other pieces and some of her old college friends arranged a couple as well. It was A LOT of hard work and took A LOT of time, but it was definitely worth it! If you are interested and want to read more about it and be put on the mailing list, please click here.

Some of our fun adventures in Cincinnati included:

Playing at an indoor playground

Running in the 10K Thanksgiving Day Race

Making Gingerbread Houses

The Children's Museum

Ate A LOT of GOOD food!


Took A TON of pictures, thanks to my FABULOUS brother-in-law, Michael, the professional photographer! (McIntire Photography)